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About Soul Happy

Soul Happy’s founders, Tracy Zboril, M.S.W., and Cara Hewett, M.A., are both seasoned therapists who have been practicing in the field, in private practice, hospitals and clinics, for over 40 years collectively. After working with clients for decades, looking deep into how their past disappointments have had such negative impacts on their lives, the pair became frustrated with the barriers the psychotherapy industry faced. Since the beginning of their careers, they were trained in traditional therapeutic models, which can be time-consuming and costly with results that are often unsustainable. The two felt there needed to be a better way to help their clients get rid of the feelings that are holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Until recently, the psychotherapy industry did not fully understand how minds process and store memories. Within the past 10 to 12 years, there were major breakthroughs in neuroscience that Tracy and Cara utilized to develop, practice and enhance what is now the Soul Happy Technique®.

Tracy Zboril, M.S.W.

Tracy has been in the field of psychotherapy since the 80s, practicing in various genres including grassroots in-home therapy, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, out-patient clinics, therapy within a public school system, and almost 20 years in private practice. In more recent years, her focus shifted to the mind-body-spirit connection and she started exploring and studying new modalities including integrative models, transpersonal psychology, human consciousness, hypnosis, along with new advances in neuroscience and the energetic field of quantum physics. As passion for this knowledge expanded, her desire to change her clinical focus resulted in a collaborative effort with her like minded colleague, Cara Hewett, and the Soul Happy Technique was developed. This technique uniquely combines all these various fields of study.

Cara Hewett, M.A. 

Cara has been in the field of psychology since the late 80s. Her experience includes in-patient psychiatric hospitals, mental health agencies, private psychotherapy practice, as well as teaching and counseling at the university level. She is trained in various therapeutic modalities including EMDR and hypnotherapy. Her understanding of behavior from a transpersonal perspective led to forming a mind, body, spirit center which offered classes and workshops in personal growth.

Her passion continues today with further emphasis involving theoretical approaches in the field of psychology, metaphysics, neuroscience, and the study of human consciousness.

The Soul Happy Technique developed with her colleague, Tracy Zboril, was researched and developed based on the latest discoveries in these fields of study. 


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Who We Help

The Soul Happy Technique was created for everyday people, from CEOs, working professionals and athletes to parents and students. It’s for anyone who has ever felt insecure or anxious and those who have experienced setbacks, disappointments and failures at some point in their lives. Whether you want to increase performance potential, enhance productivity, elevate sales or be a better spouse, parent, student or athlete, the Soul Happy Technique can help you with any of these goals, including becoming a better person as a whole.

Thought Leaders Who Influenced the Soul Happy Technique

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Having earned his chiropractic doctorate, Dr. Joe Dispenza went on to train in neurology, chemistry, biology and neuroscience before becoming a lecturer who’s traveled to 27 countries. His area of interest lies in exploring how the brain rewires and reprograms to heal itself, even achieving spontaneous remission, through meditation and workshops. He is a bestselling author including You are the Placebo and his latest bestseller, Becoming Supernatural.

Gregg Braden

New York Times best-selling author, Gregg Braden, is known for his work as a pioneer in connecting science, spirituality and the real world. After exploring the world’s mountain villages, monasteries and forgotten texts, Braden published his discoveries in numerous inspiring books, such as Fractal Time and Deep Truth. His 2007 bestseller was The Divine Matrix, which featured a series of revolutionary experiments that uncovered evidence of energy webs that connect everything in our lives and our world.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

With a passion for science spanning more than 40 years, Dr. Lipton has a particular interest in the role quantum physics plays in cell processing systems. In addition to guest speaking positions, keynote presentations and university lecturing, Dr. Lipton is an accomplished author having published the bestselling book, “The Biology of Belief.”

Deepak Chopra

As a prominent advocate of alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra believes that people can attain perfect health through meditation and quantum healing. Basing his methodology on the principles of quantum physics, Chopra has authored dozens of books, founded several holistic companies and frequently lectures on the merits of alternative therapy across the world.

Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler is best known for his groundbreaking work with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This approach asserts that neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns can be altered to accomplish life goals. Bandler has made it his life’s work to improve this methodology through seminars and workshops across the world.

Albert Einstein

Perhaps the most famous scientist of all time, Albert Einstein spent the entirety of his career engulfed in the science behind energy, going as far as to create the well-known mass-energy equivalence formula (E=mc2). He was also interested in quantum physics and how energy relates to it.