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Are You #%*! Stressed???

Would you agree that one thing we all have in common living in our hectic
chaotic world is feelings of anxiety?

We think it has become a universal way of being. Kind of a new normal if you will: harried and stressed, anxiety-filled, fast paced living. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little tool in
your tool belt, like arsenal in your purse that you can whip out any time you feel the anxiety getting the best of you? This little tool allowing for a quick
boost of confidence. A quick re-centering. A quick remembrance of our own powerful potential. Sound too good to be true? We are so pleased to let you know that this is precisely what the Soul Happy Technique can do for you—it provides those tools.

Here’s how it works, our method uses the language of the subconscious mind (our senses) to reprogram negativity to positivity.

Then, as you go about your day, and you are negatively triggered, your responses are able to bypass assessing the situation at hand through a

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Stress Less!

crapload of past built up feelings of failure and worthlessness. Instead, this negative trigger is viewed through a new sense of positivity, allowing for a clear and objective reaction, one not filled with over-defensiveness and over-sensitivity.

Rather the response is intelligent, thoughtful, and positive no matter how trying the scenario is.

You appear confident and calm. We know, we know, this is how we all want to be!

You see, our senses become the tools. We use a mantra (our auditory sense), a symbol (visual sense), a scent (olfactory sense), and a touch (kinesthetic sense) to program the positive winning scenarios we envision for ourselves into the subconscious mind. We do
this only after clearing out the negativity accumulated there. Then, you are able to tap into the feelings that those positive scenarios represent (pride,
joy, sense of accomplishment) by simply engaging one or all of the above senses. For instance, saying the programmed mantra, visualizing the programmed symbol, smelling the programed scent, or touching the
programed meridian point will stimulate the subconscious mind and it knows exactly what to do—it’s like flipping a switch on! Then those above mentioned positive feelings are immediately felt. The result is a sense of positivity flooding your system rather than the usual dread flooding your
system in reaction to the challenging situation at hand.

Our Soul Happy goal is to fill our fellow harried souls with an arsenal to combat the hectic world we live in and become confident, cool warriors to go out and fulfill their daily missions…come join us!


Cara Hewett MA

Cara Hewett MA





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