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Practice the Soul Happy Technique in the comfort of your own home on your own time. Through our four-part series, we educate you on how your mind works, and then we utilize the Technique to guide you through the releasing of negative energy stored there. It’s a simple, powerful process that will lead you to a positive, happier life. Ready to dive into your subconscious?

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When I was growing up, my father had extreme mood swings. The bad moods manifested in a behavior that I call “stonewalling”. He would close himself off with intimidating silence, withdrawal and anger that resulted in those around him being wary of wrath and criticism, often questioning what they had done wrong and what they might do to make his mood improve.

Recently, I had another family member visiting who often employs moods in a similar way.  This, historically, has pushed my buttons and I fall right back into the discomfort I felt with my father.  With this recent occurrence, I was able to identify where my resistance and reactions were stemming from and allow the surrounding emotions that came up to completely dissolve.  I credit my first month’s work with the Soul Happy techniques as presenting the tools to cut the chains of past connecting with present.

Rachael-St. Pete, FL


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From breaking down the neuroscience and quantum physics behind the Technique to illustrating the history and influential scientists that started everything, our book covers it all. Take an inside look at the science behind the Technique, including how we store and process memories, how the mind can be reprogrammed, and the effects of positive and negative energy on our lives.

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Soul Happy is now offering one-on-one sessions! Go through the Soul Happy Technique with Founders Cara and Tracy via live video conference. These one-on-one sessions will give you exclusive, personal access to BOTH Cara and Tracy during your live 60 minute session. 

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