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Our Collective COVID Hangover Part 2

It can be assumed that we have all suffered the side effects of an immense COVID hangover.   

In our first article, we mentioned our symptoms of this hangover which included confusion, uncertainties, insecurities, and general overall anxiety. As we move into our new phases, our most recent hangover side effects include economic downfall, job loss, personal protection equipment, flattening the curve, and social distancing.  These common descriptions used in our media have become our new vernacular, our new normal lingo.

Even though many of us are venturing back into our communities as they begin to re-open, our collective COVID after-effects keep us disconnected and afraid. Whether we know it or not, fear-related words and body language affects others energetically, science has even proven it.  The positive effects of group intention are measurable.  The best-selling research author Lynne McTaggart has a vast amount of research pertaining to this subject.

Could it be, that as a collective, tuned in with our mass media news feeds, that we are actually magnifying this frequency of negativity? Remember, the old new age concept of the power of positive thinking?  Recently, science and the field of quantum physics has now joined this movement with its further understanding of energy and frequency, specifically, the studies associated with neuroplasticity, subconscious mind programming, imagery, emotions, and the power of group meditation.

With this understanding of the power of thoughts and energy, when we examine this energetic framework from the perspective of COVID-19, we can see how this wave of post-COVID fear has swept the globe in record time.  The face masks and CDC numbers continue to remind us of how we all still live in dangerous conditions. To make things even worse, most recently, our news has bombarded us with violent acts and looting from a relatively small group of protesters, while ignoring the large number of peaceful constructive protesting that has occurred in our cities nationwide.

Simply put, when mired in our daily and nightly activities of watching news feeds on our mobile devices, computers, and televisions, we are all participating in the fear-based potential of our future.  If we continually build neuronal pathways based on fearful future scenarios, and we understand how our frequency effects not only ourselves but those around us, then we owe it to ourselves to change it.

There is no doubt about it, the future is uncertain.  In fact, this fear-based negative narrative released through our media perpetuates more uncertainty.  This emotional signature of fear has been and will continue to be imprinted on our subconscious minds for many months to come if we allow it, our fear-based news will make certain of it.

In other words, continuing to keep us engaged in these hangover effects keeps us tuned in, addicted to the next new bad news post, and subconsciously, thereby, triggering (by imagining) a possible futuristic traumatic global (COVID round 2) event indeed, that may never happen. In essence, fear as a collective frequency sells airtime and advertising.

Here are 3 ways to change and prevent this collective pessimism:

  1. First and foremost, limit your time with negativity. Stay informed but turn off the news feeds.  If addicted to updates, turn off the notifications.  Ask yourself if it serves you to read it before opening the next social media or news headline.  If a friend or family member is constantly emitting fear and you are affected by it, limit the time you spend with that person.


  1. Visualize a more positive potential in your life. Imagine future opportunities using all of your senses.  How does it feel?  Write it down. Three months from now, how do you imagine your daily life looking with this added positivity? Focus on this new possibility.   Now imagine 6 months from now.  Are these positive potentials becoming your new reality? 


  1. Use different verbiage other than COVID-19. Recently, one of my favorites, author Joe Dispenza re-labeled a recent meditation movement aimed at combatting the negativity of COVID-19, “GOLOV20.” He stated on his Facebook page that “GOLOV has now affected 480,000 people all over the world.”  He reframed the words to incite positivity rather than negativity, then making it a “viral” approach, changing the emotional signature of fear.


Ultimately, our emotions can be just as contagious as this virus.  We need to be accountable to ourselves first and foremost, being aware of the energy we emit by monitoring our own emotional state as we move through these chaotic times.  Becoming more aware of your mental well-being during this time is not only vital for you but also for those around you. 

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