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Is Everything Really Made of Energy?

So, even if you accept at face value what scientists have been saying for years, that everything is made up of energy, it can boggle the mind to truly grasp that.

 For instance, the chair you’re sitting in feels solid, right? So how can it be energy? If you had an extremely powerful microscope, and could look at that chair under it, you would see it is actually made up of millions of atoms, which are broken down further into subatomic particles; protons and neutrons which have electrons vibrating around them—but technically they aren’t vibrating, rather they are waves of movement—picture like little tornadoes. 
Soul Happy Energy

Soul Happy Energy!

 So, if this chair is made up of trillions upon trillions of little tornadoes, you can suddenly grasp how this chair is made up of movement, which is energy…

Now maybe it’s not such a leap to understand how thoughts and emotions are also a form of energy. Thoughts travel in our brain down neuronal pathways in the form of energy. Humans have emotions that are attached to their thoughts. The word “emotion” is derived from the descriptive context of “energy in motion”. Researchers have been able to measure the electromagnetic field of emotions. One of our favorite researchers, Dr. Joe Dispenza observed that individuals who spent 10 minutes thinking of only thoughts of gratitude and love expanded the energy field around them to 9 meters. He is actually able to measure this electromagnetic field.

It is precisely these new findings that dovetailed nicely with the older findings of breakthrough scientists like Albert Einstein and his energetic equations that allowed us, in the fields of psychology and brain science to start looking at treating the brain and our emotions in new ways involving energy. Energetic exercises are the new form of psychotherapy. Exciting times!

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Tracy Zboril  MSW

Tracy Zboril MSW


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