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Join Us in La La Land

Although I’ve yet to see the movie “La La Land,” the title intrigued me because, in many ways, we’re all in our own version of La La Land.

Tracy and I spent years developing the Soul Happy Technique TM, and along the way, we found that we would venture into our own La La Land.  To us, La La Land means our ideal future — the Soul Happy Technique reaching thousands of people and allowing them to find the solutions they need. In our visualizations, we would imagine our technique changing the lives of many individuals through interactive exchanges via the internet. And through those digital exchanges, people would find themselves in charge of their own emotional healing.

In our La La Land, each person would begin to see their own behavior in a different light, become aware of their negative thoughts and understand how it affects those around them.  They would begin to act differently around their loved ones, co-workers, neighbors and like a pebble dropped in water, the miracle of the Soul Happy Technique would expand across entire communities.

Tracy and I often say we’re just conduits for this incredible tool for change.

We developed this sequence, but the foundation for the tools we use are hundreds of years in the making. We’re the boots on the ground, on a mission for a bigger purpose.

We visualize our Soul Happy Technique affecting thousands of people in a profound way.  We all deserve a better world to live in and we’re bold enough to say that the Soul Happy Technique can do just that — create an improved world for all of us.

Some may say our goals are lofty, that we live in a La La Land by imagining a world like this. But, we imagine a world inhabited by people with fears removed and defenses down and we’re betting you can imagine it, too.

That’s where the Soul Happy train is headed, it’s a movement, a project, our life mission. Come aboard with us.

Cara Hewett MA

Cara Hewett MA

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