Soul Happy Thoughts

Love is the New Black

I think it’s safe to say that the world could use a little more kindness, with the reality of mass shootings, sexual harassment, political bullying, and beyond, we see daily acts of the opposite of kindness, empathy, and love.

Just A Little Bit of Kindness

Sure, you think, it all sounds good and well…but what’s a little bit of kindness going to achieve when we’re looking at global pain and destruction??  I think you’ll be surprised to find the science behind how powerful our heart’s out-put is and the effect it can have on those around us, setting off a ripple effect which could, just maybe, start a movement.  Here it goes:  According to Gregg Braden, the heart has a brain with it’s own intelligence.  This is evidenced by the discovery that there are literally over 40,000 neurons with their own neural network that exist in the heart.  That’s interesting, to think of the heart as another brain in the body.  At the Heart Math Institute, they have been able to measure the heart’s electromagnetic field and found that it envelops your whole body, and actually projects several feet beyond your body, affecting you and anyone in it’s range.  This energy field, when stimulated by feelings of gratitude and love have a chemical reaction in which stress hormones such as cortisol are decreased, and serotonin (a happy hormone) levels are increased.  This chemical reaction affects you and those nearby, allowing a feeling of wellbeing setting in for all!  This is science!  Your positive impact on yourself and others is measurable.  Then, with the ripple effect, those you’ve affected, have a sense of well being that radiates out from their body and affects those they come into contact with and so on.  In our society, since intellectual and academic intelligence is encouraged over heart or emotional intelligence, we never bothered studying the heart’s intelligence until recently.  Now that we have discovered how powerful the heart’s electromagnetic field is, it’s worth figuring out how to harness that energy.

Quiet Focus Needed

So—how can we employ this electromagnetic field as we go about our day and are bombarded with stress and anxiety along the way?  Not to mention being informed by the news of all the offensive acts taking place all over the globe.  Here’s what I propose, start each day with 3 to 5 minutes of quiet focus on gratitude and love.  Make it easily fit in your morning routine, for example, in the shower is a perfect time to focus your attention.  Gratitude can be easily felt by thinking of things you’re thankful for such as health, friendships, employment, etc.  For love, focus on someone you love long enough that you feel it viscerally, such as a child, spouse, your dog, cat, parent, etc.  To truly feel gratitude and love is key.  This sets the energy field radiating out.  But then, you have a stressful drive to work, you’re running late, you get into it with your boss, and that energy field has shriveled up, now what?  Here’s a little visual exercise that will help you get the intelligence of the heart stimulated again.  As you go through out the rest of your day, approach each situation imagining you could take your eyes and place them over your heart.  Everything then comes from the vantage point of viewing it from your loving heart rather than your critical thinking mind.  Let’s say you’re walking into an intimidating meeting or facing a stressful congested commute, there’s a real shift in perspective if you’re not immediately judging and analyzing the situation but rather coming from a viewpoint of compassion.  Example:  Hmmm, I bet everyone else on this commute is just as disappointed as I am to see the backed up traffic, we’re all in the same boat!  As opposed to:  What the heck are all these stupid cars doing on the road??  Make sense?  Sounds a little idealistic that this loving electromagnetic field could actually make a difference?  Maybe, but what’s the alternative?

Your Electromagnetic Field

Here’s a visual that I think puts this in perspective.  Imagine this electromagnetic field has a color, I picture it hot pink!  Now assume a bird’s eye view and observe whole populations on expressways, in schools, on subways, in board rooms, press conferences, grocery stores, airplanes, stadiums, etc. You see a few people radiating this hot pink energy, and watch it ripple outward to others, eventually the whole school, stadium, bus, etc is a mass of hot pink.  Now imagine watching it spread as your view takes more in and you start to picture whole cities, then states, countries, continents, and eventually imagine the planet earth with a pink glow surrounding it.  Maybe that scared angry gunman would feel the hot pink energy, it’s ensuing hormonal shift into well being, and have second thoughts about his/her destructive plans…possible??  I admit this “love movement” sounds lofty, but why not assume it is possible and let that hot pink energy start with you!  We have nothing to lose and only love to gain.

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