One-On-One Sessions With Founders Tracy and Cara

We’ve had some requests for one on one Soul Happy Technique® sessions. We are now offering a limited amount of video conference sessions live with us, Cara and Tracy!

Tracy Zboril MSW

Tracy Zboril MSW

Cara Hewett MA

Cara Hewett MA







The 1 and a half hour sessions will consist of the same format as the online version of the Technique® condensed into TWO ONLINE MEETINGS. Meeting one will consist of session 1 and 2, meeting two will tackle sessions 3 and 4:

Session 1: How Your Mind Works

For the technique to be effective, Cara and Tracy both believe it is pertinent for individuals to have an in-depth understanding of how their minds work and the neuroscience behind how the technique works as well.

Session 2: Clearing the Cluster

This session goes directly to your subconscious mind to clear out the negative emotions, failures and disappointments tied to certain memories that have all accumulated into a giant cluster.

Session 3: Expanding Your Awareness

This session is about getting in touch with the real you and the state in which your strengths exist in their purest forms; the you who was there before you were programmed with all those negative memories over time, from your childhood to your adult life.

Session 4: Reprogramming Through Sensory Imprinting

Once the negativity cluster is cleared out and you’re working with your true self, this session then reprograms the cleared space to fill it up with positive, winning scenarios.

Mental Rehearsal

The conscious mind needs repetition to form a new habit. Mental Rehearsal ensures repetition for the tools used in the technique for it to become a life-long habit.


The only difference is we will be interacting with you live, directing you through the Soul Happy Technique® sessions in these two convenient meetings with us.


Payment details:

The cost for each live session is $250.

To get the full experience and success, both sessions are necessary, as each session builds on one another.  If paid in full for both sessions, a $50 discount will be applied.

With this purchase, you will also receive the online video version of the Soul Happy Technique®  (a $189 value) giving you access to the sessions anytime, anywhere.

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One-On-One Sessions


Soul Happy Sessions

Welcome to the 21st Century of Therapy

After observing clients experience true success and happiness as a result of practicing the technique, Cara and Tracy transformed the Soul Happy Technique into a series of four directive video sessions. This cutting-edge approach gives clients the opportunity to perform it in the privacy of their own comfortable space on their own convenient time. Through the four strategic video sessions, Cara and Tracy work with you to overcome your negative emotions, fears and insecurities, allowing you the ability to see yourself and your life in a completely new light.