A Breakthrough Method Rooted in Neuroscience

The Soul Happy Technique®

What is the Soul Happy Technique?

The Soul Happy Technique combines therapeutic models rooted in neuroscience and energy theories behind quantum physics to offer an innovative and powerful method that helps people overcome disappointments, traumas, fears and past failures that often get in the way of true happiness. By tapping into the subconscious mind and reprogramming the negative feelings stored there, the technique helps alleviate anxious and insecure feelings we experience as part of our everyday lives. The Soul Happy Technique gives you the tools you need to become the best version of yourself before the negative memories and feelings you experienced throughout your life got in the way.


Created by seasoned therapists, Tracy Zboril, M.S.W., and Cara Hewett, M.A., the duo developed the Soul Happy Technique by utilizing their years of experience in counseling and therapy, in addition to the exciting, fast-paced developments in the field of neuroscience. Essentially, the pair realized how enhanced therapy could become with these breakthroughs, and therefore, they educated themselves on the neuroscience behind how the mind works. With the acquired research, information and experience, Tracy and Cara implemented and advanced this model with the ultimate goal of helping people gain access to their fullest potential. After practicing the technique with clients throughout the years, they began observing a beautiful, positive and unique side effect: the shift into a higher and deeper level of happiness.


How Does the Technique Work?

It’s science! Neuroscience explains how we store and process memories and how the brain is capable of rewiring itself, allowing us to reprogram our mind. It does this through neuroplasticity. No, not Botox® for the brain, but rather a process in which neurons are constantly forming new connections and creating clusters. Through neuroplasticity, the brain wires and rewires itself; per Hebb’s Law, “Neurons that fire together wire together.” Simply put, this means that new networks of neurons are formed into clusters, in turn, allowing new patterns of behaviors. In the Soul Happy Technique, we use Hebb’s Law to wire your brain in ways that are conducive to productivity and positivity, reorganizing synaptic connections to alleviate prior failures and disappointments that have built up in the form of negative clusters.



Soul Happy Sessions

Welcome to the 21st Century of Therapy

After observing clients experience true success and happiness as a result of practicing the technique, Cara and Tracy transformed the Soul Happy Technique into a series of four directive video sessions. This cutting-edge approach gives clients the opportunity to perform it in the privacy of their own comfortable space on their own convenient time. Through the four strategic video sessions, Cara and Tracy work with you to overcome your negative emotions, fears and insecurities, allowing you the ability to see yourself and your life in a completely new light.

Session 1: How Your Mind Works

For the technique to be effective, Cara and Tracy both believe it is pertinent for individuals to have an in-depth understanding of how their minds work and the neuroscience behind how the technique works as well.

Session 2: Clearing the Cluster

This session goes directly to your subconscious mind to clear out the negative emotions, failures and disappointments tied to certain memories that have all accumulated into a giant cluster.

Session 3: Expanding Your Awareness

This session is about getting in touch with the real you and the state in which your strengths exist in their purest forms; the you who was there before you were programmed with all those negative memories over time, from your childhood to your adult life.

Session 4: Reprogramming Through Sensory Imprinting

Once the negativity cluster is cleared out and you’re working with your true self, this session then reprograms the cleared space to fill it up with positive, winning scenarios.

Mental Rehearsal

The conscious mind needs repetition to form a new habit. Mental Rehearsal ensures repetition for the tools used in the technique for it to become a life-long habit.