Mental Rehearsal

Now that you’ve completed the Soul Happy Technique, it’s time to reinforce it.  

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Mental Rehearsal is a well known concept used by athletes and performers that involves imagery, visualization and repetition.  The Soul Happy Technique® takes this concept one step further by imprinting on the conscious mind the tools (symbol, mantra, scent, touch) that we imprinted on the subconscious.  Remember these tools now symbolically represent you at your highest potential.  We’ve coined our version of mental rehearsal Conscious Imprinting.

Cara and Tracy know that as you get into your daily routines and patterns, your conscious mind falls back into old habits. To ensure ongoing success of the work you just did, you have to train the conscious mind.  The good news is we’ve made it super easy for you, it will take less than 2 minutes.


Sign-up for Mental Rehearsal/Daily Reminders

To sign up for your daily text messages, text the word soulhappy (no spaces) to 474747.

This daily text will serve as a reminder of what has been programmed in the subconscious.  Simply, you will just focus on each of the tools for up to 20 seconds that now represent you at your highest potential.

For instance, you will close your eyes and visualize the symbol, you will state your mantra, “I am my highest potential,” smell your scent (if handy), and touch your meridian point.

*Currently, only United States numbers are available through the service.  Please be patient with us, we’re trying to find an international service.  If you’re out of the US, please still take this mental rehearsal seriously, give yourself a daily reminder, maybe schedule it into your phone, or do it the old school way and do the exercise in your head every time you brush your teeth.

Download the symbol