The Science Behind the Soul Happy Technique®

It all comes down to neuroscience and quantum physics, which explains the energetic influence behind the process. You may already know that everything consists of energy, even our thoughts. When we have a thought, we send out electromagnetic currents through our brain in the form of vibrations. According to scientific theories, there are aspects of vibrations we can’t experience with our five senses. For example, you may know that everything is made up of energy, but when you take the chair you’re sitting in, it feels and looks like a solid structure, right? Well, when observed through a powerful microscope, you see that the chair is actually made up of many smaller particles that appear to be moving. Each of those particles are molecules that are composed of atoms with a proton and electron. The electron orbits around the proton, creating a vibratory pattern: energy!

When we have a thought, it travels in the form of energy or vibrations. As these vibrations travel down a neuronal pathway in your brain, they attract similar vibrations, resulting in a cluster of neurons. The more you focus on the thought, the more momentum the vibrational frequency gains and the bigger the cluster gets. The cluster, with its new strength, now influences how we view things. The more negative thoughts we have, the bigger the clusters of negativity and the more momentum moving in a negative direction. Since our failures are stored in neuronal clusters of negativity, they have gained momentum over time because we focus on them so much, allowing the cluster to grow and grow.

The good news is that the same is true for positive thoughts. Positivity is also capable of gaining momentum and strength as the cluster of neurons gets bigger. This helps us understand the science behind the power of positive thinking, an older theory from the 80s. Why didn’t this theory work as well as we thought it would? We believe it’s because positive affirmations (such as saying “I am beautiful” 20 times a day) only work if they’re believable. In order for those clusters to gain momentum, the energy behind the positive thoughts must be believable to the person doing the thinking. Otherwise, the energy reverts to the programmed vibration and the old frequency attracts frequencies that are still attached to the negative thought, not the new positive thought. Therefore, you haven’t formed a new cluster built around the positive belief. Ironically, it’s possible that you may be exacerbating the old belief that you’re not beautiful because as you say “I am beautiful,” you still have this old view of yourself programmed in your mind. You may be repeating “I am beautiful” over and over, but you have that old energy in the background saying, “No, you’re not.”

Therefore, the only way for you to believe the positivity and truly align with that vibrational frequency is to first clear out the vibrational frequency of the negative cluster. Since we now know the cluster of negativity is all stored as energy, we need to energetically break up the cluster and scramble the memory. In the Soul Happy Technique, we incorporate exercises that do just that, energetically clearing the cluster. The power of positive thinking is then free to form new neuronal clusters that build momentum and strength because the negativity is no longer in the background. Together, we can energetically rewire the brain by busting up the negative cluster of neurons, and in its place, we form new clusters of positivity. And BOOM — you have a new, more positive outlook on yourself and the world.