Tips for Success

Session 2 has clearing exercises. Their purpose? You may not realize some of your issues stem from experiences in your past.  Such as we all have insecurities.  Where do they stem from? From fear, where does fear come from? From prior experiences lodged in our memories.

One of the clearing exercises involves a “snapping exercise.” In this exercise, you will be asked to follow Tracy’s snapping fingers, when doing so, it's about eye movement, not head movement.

Another clearing exercise involves visualization and imagination. Recalling a vivid memory for some will be easy but for others it may be fragmented, blurry, or even a mix or combination of memories.  Don’t stress out about that.  Fragments or snippets of memories works as well, just keep going.  There’s no wrong way to do these exercises.

In sessions 2, 3, and 4, we slow your mind down to the Alpha brain wave state, we use a technique called fractional induction. When we direct you to open your eyes and look up, just use eye movement and not head movement.