A Workshop for Leaders

Tap Into Your Highest Potential Using Science and Psychology to Reprogram Your Mind for Success

Tired of the same old psychobabble? So were we... and how does that make you feel?

The secret is to go directly to the root of our self-sabotaging negativity and clear it out. Let 2 seasoned psychotherapists fast track lasting change by taking you into the experience of your subconscious mind.

  • Understand how the mind works and processes past negative experiences
  • Identify limiting beliefs that keep you from making progress
  • Easily confront the accumulated negative experiences that are holding you back
  • Learn to quickly and painlessly rid yourself of emotional blocks
  • Get in touch with your core, you before all of life’s experiences got in the way

What will I gain from this workshop?:

  • Gain a liberating perspective of how worry, fear, and guilt (all of which cause anxiety) are a colossal waste of time
  • You will have cleared out the negativity sabotaging your success, thereby allowing space to program positive winning scenarios
  • You will be given tools to ensure your ongoing transformation

Customized Employee Mental Wellness Programs:

  • Online therapeutic technique that employees can do in the privacy of their own home
  • Small intimate department setting workshop for either full or half-day
  • Large scale seminars customized anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day

Email us at info@soulhappy.com for more information.



One of the best and interactive days I have spent, Cara and Tracy are very engaging and professional.



I learned so much about all the blocks that keep me moving forward in my life, they were so relatable and entertaining, and so much better then going to a therapist.



They managed to make difficult theories understandable, helping me to make sense of my actions- now I have hope for change.


Beverly V.

Found Cara and Tracy very engaging, couldn’t believe it was a 3 hour event, it flew by and felt much shorter, loved every minute and now working with them to bring them into my workplace.”  

Beverly V.
Orlando, FL


Cara hewett, M.A. & Tracy Zboril, M.S.W.

Soul Happy’s founders, Tracy Zboril, M.S.W., and Cara Hewett, M.A., are both seasoned therapists who have been practicing in the field, in private practice, hospitals and clinics, for over 40 years collectively. After working with clients for decades, looking deep into how their past disappointments have had such negative impacts on their lives, the pair became frustrated with the barriers the psychotherapy industry faced. Since the beginning of their careers, they were trained in traditional therapeutic models, which can be time-consuming and costly with results that are often unsustainable. The two felt there needed to be a better way to help their clients get rid of the feelings that are holding them back from reaching their full potential.

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