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The Soul Happy Book is Here!

We are so excited to announce that you can now order your copy of the Soul Happy Book – available as an eBook or paperback! Order your copy here

The Soul Happy Book: Reprogram Your Mind Using Groundbreaking Techniques Bridging Science and Spirituality

A groundbreaking book to help you reprogram your mind for happiness, based on scientific breakthroughs and ancient wisdom

“Thank you for coming into my life. What a change you have shown me. You have turned my life around at the most critical time.” – Lauren P., Windermere, FL

Seasoned therapists, Tracy Zboril, M.S.W., and Cara Hewett, M.A.present their groundbreaking work, The Soul Happy Book written to help you reprogram your mind. Exhausted and disheartened by decades of working with patients in private therapy practices and seeing little to no results, Zboril and Hewett threw in the towel on traditional talk therapy. Diving head first into research on alternative psychotherapy techniques, neuroscience, and the ancient wisdom of spirituality, they discovered that traditional talk therapy is so ineffective because it works with the wrong part of the brain.

Refusing to watch another client dig through the trenches of painful memories or simply put a bandage over their old wounds, Zboril and Hewett teamed up to pioneer a movement to help people seek a solution for negative thinking beyond workbooks, ineffective therapy techniques, and unsustainable self-help remedies. The result was the Soul Happy technique that helps you attune to your core self – the healthiest version of themselves.

This is not another self-help book instructing readers to stare in the mirror and repeat ineffective position affirmations. Nor is it a stuffy, unapproachable science book with no practical instruction. Instead, this book is an explanation of a technique that is based on science, experience, and research. From this information, you will understand how you can generate significant positive change in your personal life, career, athletic abilities, academic challenges, and more. You’ll understand why you have blocks or hurdles that prevent you from producing beneficial thoughts.

Soul Happy is not merely a technique based in neuroscience alone, or a technique that relies on spiritual modalities. It also isn’t a technique solely based in therapeutic models. Soul Happy is a totally unique, groundbreaking work in that it is a blending of science, psychology and spirituality. There is no other book on the market that offers insight from two seasoned therapists about a self-help technique based in neuroscience and spirituality.

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