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What If You Walked Around Exposed All Day Long?

One of our favorite modern thinkers of all time, Dr. Joe Dispenza, claims that he has measured the energy field that surrounds people after they complete a 10-minute exercise in which they think only thoughts about love and gratitude. Sure enough, he suggests that the electromagnetic field around participants expands to 9 meters wide during the exercise, as if we’re sending out waves of love to the world around us as we think these positive thoughts.

Let’s imagine that we could see this energy field, and it works the same as we think about the opposite of those feelings, like hatred and ingratitude. Now picture this. Your day starts with your teenage daughter glaring at you with pure disgust as she slams her way out the door for school. Seeing her act that way makes the energy field surrounding you turn a dark shade of gray. You then read a group email, which includes your boss, from a coworker who is commending you about your involvement on a recent project. However, she’s going to take the work you’ve done and “clean it up” to make it more polished. It’s a snarky, underhanded compliment that leaves you baffled and distracted. Your energy field turns murkier.

Later, you take a trip to the drugstore, where the checkout woman sits, and you think about her questionable fashion sense, how horrible those shoes look with her outfit. Now who’s snarky? At the checkout line, the Karlie Kloss poser can barely be bothered with you. One final heavy sigh from her makes you wonder who she thinks she is treating you with such disregard. Your energy field is now starting to take on a certain smell. Speeding back to work, constantly checking your rearview mirror for cops, you and your cortisol-infused energy field arrive at your next meeting. You walk into the boardroom with this dense, muddy colored swirling energy that has a stinky vapor trail. It’s no surprise that people are repelled by you! During the meeting, people can barely look at you, and it’s as if you don’t exist.

Now let’s reimagine this scenario in a different light. Your teenager daughter slams the door as she leaves for school. You find yourself secretly admiring her moxie and passion, and your heart swells. The energy field surrounding you turns pearly white. You then check your emails to see that your poor, insecure coworker is once again being openly snarky in front of your boss about your work. You think about what has made her so insecure, and you wish her a shot of confidence. Your energy mist has now developed a pretty mist.

At the drugstore, you notice the checkout clerk’s style, and you think about how spunky she looks; she must have great confidence to pull off clothes like that. She looks so bored that you feel the need to brighten her day. You mention to her, “Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Karlie Kloss?” She gushes, “I’ve always wanted to be a model!” Your energy field now radiates pure pink girl power. On your way to work, you pretend you’re a band member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, belting out the song playing on the radio. You arrive at work and walk into the boardroom with an energy field swirling with a kaleidoscope of color, the flowery mist of gardenias trailing after you. During the meeting, people seem drawn to you. They are cooperative, responsive and complimentary to your input.

These two scenarios are meant to enlighten you on the idea that your thoughts, both positive and negative, are affecting the way people see and react to you. If we think negatively, people will react to us negatively, and vice versa. To live a more positive, productive life, we should think more positive thoughts. Throughout each day, we should live as though people around us can see (and smell) our energy fields.

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