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What Really is Consciousness Anyway??

What comes to mind when you think of the word “consciousness”? 

Your higher, more moral self? The part of your mind that listens to God, if you believe in God? What it actually is, and we mean this in the literal scientific sense, is awareness. Our favorite cell biologist, Bruce Lipton found that when he looked at an organism under an extremely strong microscope, he observed that if he poked the tip of a pencil by the organism, it would respond to the intrusion by moving out of the way every time. This is consciousness, the ability to be aware;
awareness. An innate engagement with your surroundings. This is why, if you’ve been in some sort of incident/accident and are not currently able to show an ability to interact you are thought to have“lost consciousness”.

All types of scientists; biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, geneticists, computer scientists, psychologists, etc are appreciating the nature of the understanding of consciousness and it’s impacts on every genre being studied whether its plant cells, human cells, the cosmos/galaxy, technology, neuroscience, chemistry,

what is the conscious mind?

What is the conscious mind?

numbers/equations/universal laws, it all can be measured and understood in its relation to everything surrounding it and its’ impact on everything surrounding it. Good old fashioned cause and effect is rooted in this: and it all comes down to consciousness.

Not just humans, but literally everything existing on the planet, both seen and unseen has this universal innate ability to engage with it’s surroundings.

Every way that an organism engages then has a ripple effect on how everything on the receiving end reacts.
This kind of explains how powerful our actions are to everything around us. If we can appreciate this in a literal sense, we will start to become more aware of our actions and how they are affecting others, and by others, we mean everything, other humans, other living creatures, nature, the planet at large, and so on and on…Interesting,

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Tracy Zboril

Tracy Zboril MSW



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